Teeth Whitening

Everyone would like whiter teeth, but not everybody realizes just how affordable this process has become. Studies suggest that a brilliant smile can help people succeed in any profession. In addition, many people report a boost in self-esteem after going through the teeth whitening process. Clearly there’s more to a healthy smile than you might think!

For our procedures, we use Zoom! whitening systems. Zoom! has quickly become the standard for in-office whitening treatment. We use a hydrogen peroxide-based gel and an ultraviolet lamp to shorten the three day process into a single 45 minute session. In just this short amount of time, you can expect your smile to be up to ten shades lighter.

Some people choose to cut down on costs and want to do the whitening themselves. This is particularly a good idea for people who might have sensitive gums or teeth, as the bleaching agent is very strong. This is why we sell the Zoom! Weekender Kit. Although the whitening agent inside is gentler, many people find it to be very similar to a professional, in-office whitening. In three days you can expect a similar experience to an in-office whitening at your own pace.

And you don’t have to worry about the brightness of your teeth ever again. With correct oral hygiene, a single in-office session or a three day application of the Weekender Kit can last you the rest of your life. Teeth whitening isn’t just another trip to the dentist’s office — teeth whitening is an investment into your future.