Wisdom Teeth Extraction Review

It’s a bit confusing at the age of sixteen – your body is going through adolescent changes and so on. What can really be agonizing is the appearance of third molars and this horror doesn’t stop till the age of twenty four. They create a mess when it comes to dental structure of the jaw or the maxillary and they’re normally caused by incorrect development of molars.

Surgery must be postponed in case of infections in the area to avoid complications. Wisdom teeth extraction must be planned ahead and performed under the effect of anesthetic.

I won’t guarantee you that wisdom teeth extraction is an enjoyable procedure. In fact, You can imagine going in hungry not haven eaten or drunk something at least twelve hours before the procedure. This helps in avoiding such things as vomiting due to effects of anesthetic. Stitches follows after extraction to reduce bleeding and allow faster healing. If you don’t like pain like me, anesthetic is used and most probably you’ll be numb or asleep during the entire procedure.

Any stenos physical activity after wisdom teeth extraction will increase bleeding and thus you’re advised not to. Also important is not to chew and speak slowly to reduce the risk of biting your tongue since it will be numb. In case of any bleeding, you should keep a gauze pad on the operated area. For pain, you need not worry since pain killers are prescribed to reduce pain.

Other measures that you should take include; regular visit to the dentist for proper monitoring, eating soft food such as soup, pudding or tea and avoiding milk or sweets since they create an environment for germs and bacteria. Washing your mouth regular with salty water also helps reduce irritation and swelling in the area.

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