What to Do About Dermatitis and Itching Red Irritated Skin Conditions

Dermatitis is simply inflammation within the skin’s layers. The depth of the inflammation varies, as do the symptoms. Pain, redness, itching and irritation are the common symptoms.

Irritated skin may be caused by any number of things. Excessive sun or wind, exposure to allergens or irritants, improper diet or excessive dryness and even certain cosmetics can cause problems. Let’s look at the solution to the problem.

• Solutions that Work

Most skin irritations can be relieved and prevented by using a good moisturizer on a daily basis. The world that we live in requires that we shower regularly. Most of us have chlorinated tap water. Chlorine is an allergen and an irritant.

Chlorinated water, heated water, body wash and facial cleansers strip away the skin’s naturally protective barrier and change the natural pH level, leaving it defenseless. People who do not have irritated skin are people who recognize the importance of a good moisturizer.

When it comes to facial skin, it is particularly important to moisturize. Not only is facial skin thinner and more delicate, it is not usually protected by clothing.

Facial dryness is one of the causes of wrinkles and other visible signs of aging. My recommendation for facial dermatitis is an Age Defense Active Day Cream.

• Why Day Cream Works IF it has…

If you have tried other creams in the past, you may be skeptical that this one will work. The reason the other creams don’t work is because they contain few active ingredients. They are composed primarily of cheap fillers like petrolatum.

The right Day Cream works, because it contains high concentrations of active ingredients. It does not contain ingredients that can cause irritated skin. It contains natural oils and extracts that relieve itching, reduce redness and cure irritated skin.

• What are the Benefits of using Day Cream?

In addition to providing relief for dermatitis, am Active Day Cream contains compounds that will reduce wrinkles and improve the skin’s firmness. You will have smoother, more youthful looking skin, regardless of your age.

• Here are the ingredients that provide those proven benefits.

• Wakame kelp extracts-proven to protect the skin’s natural hyaluronic acid levels, which improves smoothness and moisture content while promoting new growth

• Coenzyme Q10-proven to reverse wrinkles and sun damage by neutralizing free radicals and reversing existing free radical damage

• Functional Keratin-proven to improve the skin’s moisture content and heal the ability of damaged skin to retain moisture-improves firmness and elasticity in clinical studies-has natural anti-inflammatory activity which provides relief for dermatitis and other irritating skin conditions

Additional Recommendations

The underlying issue could be chronic inflammation. If you also have problems with allergies, arthritis, asthma, colitis or other inflammatory conditions, then you need to address the issue of chronic inflammation. It can eventually lead to heart disease and cancer.

What is needed is a variety of dietary supplements with natural anti-inflammatory activity. They may provide long term relief from dermatitis and help you live a longer healthier life.

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