What Is Dental Occlusion?

What is dental occlusion? Mini dental implants or dental implants Long Island are very useful for those who suffer from loss of teeth or chipped teeth and other similar complications related to teeth. Dental bridges are one type of dental implants. Dental occlusion is a term in dentistry for the contact between teeth that is the nature of contact between the upper and lower sets of teeth. The term for upper set of teeth is maxillary and those in the lower part of the jaw are known as mandible. Both of these approach each other for the purpose of chewing or biting and when in the position of rest. Any abnormality in the position of contact is referred to as malocclusion. Malocclusion can become a reason for many health problems such as a severely bad bite. It is obvious that the impact of this abnormality will be clearly manifested in the person’s smile and appearance.

Malocclusion occurs as a result of many reasons. One of them is overlapping of teeth. This implies more than one tooth occupying the place of one tooth. In other words this can also be described as a serious misalignment of teeth. Sometimes there are conditions like overbite or under bite which can become a reason of malocclusion. Weird facial orientation is also sometimes the cause. There are also cases wherein tooth erupts in the wrong place and this disturbs the whole alignment of the teeth resulting in malocclusion. Heredity in some cases lead to the same condition since the problem is transmitted from one generation to the next with their genes.

Many people face such bad orientation of teeth or jaw because of this factor. Whereas in some other cases person is born with an unusual orientation of teeth structure or jaw. Some patients of malocclusion suffer from an abnormal type of growth of teeth with teeth growing in wrong places and overlapping the existing teeth. Injuries like in accidents can also hamper the area of the mouth causing problems of similar nature. If dental surgeries done in the childhood for some complication related to the mouth come out to be faulty then the problem will aggravate further rather than providing relief. Tumors in the surrounding area of teeth and gums can too give the same result. Sometimes when teeth are lost due to accidents, the surrounding teeth abnormally grows in the area and the vacant area is filled creating a bad bite and malocclusion. Teeth that are lost in decay or due to old age can also cause the same consequence.

Malocclusion should be treated in the right way and at the right time. Early treatment like treatment in childhood itself is recommended because in this age, the bones are soft there are more chances of the surgery being successful. It is also known that these treatments are less expensive when done in childhood. For more information about dental implants please visit the site dedicated to dental implants Long Island and get full information.

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