Top 3 New Trends Surfacing In Dental And Facial Cosmetics

Fear of dentists has often stopped man people from fully appreciating what the new technologies can do for your dental recovery. However, with these new trends you can rely on your dentist to give you a pleasant smile makeover and correct many flaws that might have been difficult to address even 5 years back. Dental cosmetic procedures have encompassed a huge variety of treatments that can improve your facial outlook and your smile appearance. In their infancy, these treatments were only accessible to a select few areas but with dentists specializing in the field and opening up legal practices, the competition has been steep. As a result not only are these procedures widely available now, but you can also get them at quite an affordable price range.

Endodontic cosmetic dentistry

Endodontics covers the specialized root canal treatments that have made it possible to treat teeth infections without teeth loss. This procedure helps the patient to not only retain their original tooth but also remove all traces of the infection, which might have penetrated right down to the roots. Endodontics as a branch has continued to gain new dimensions but general dentists are now performing root canal therapy as well. While root canal therapy is a serious leap for tooth infection treatment, most people still have a fear of the therapy. It is a myth that all root canal treatments are painless; however, it is true that this therapy is vital to remove infection in mouth before it can lead to tooth loss, bone degeneration, or consequences that are even more painful.

Restorative dentistry

Restorative prosthetic dentistry is a close second when it comes to popularity as a trend in dentistry. Dental implants are now one of the most common procedures. They are also significant because they are not messy and look more natural than the archaic dentures. This treatment has high success rate however, there are many elaborate steps to it. Your restorative dentist would have to determine the level of bone density in your jawbone, before authorizing or planning for a dental implant surgery. CAT scans and x rays are taken to understand the structure of the jawbone where the implant needs to be placed. Simulated rendering of the implant is prepared according to the sensitive information gathered during the process. This is important to help design implants, which are the most likely match technically and based on looks. In case the bone density is not up to the mark for a dental implant, a bone graft surgery might have to be authorized.

Range of smile beautification treatments

Finally, a wide range of treatments that are all geared towards an affordable and fast smile beautification, have been gaining popularity. These include cosmetic veneers, lumineers, and teeth capping. This procedure uses porcelain or similar layer of veneer to be attached to the tooth surface. The teeth capping is done for the back of the mouth molars and pre molars. The difference between veneers and lumineers is that with lumineers the dentist has to take off very little of your teeth enamel surface for the layer to stick properly. Teeth bleaching and invisible braces are some of the other cosmetic procedures that can really make a huge difference to your smile appearance, fast.

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