Straighten Up and Smile Bright With Invisalign

Congratulations on your engagement! The clock has just officially started running on the zillion and two decisions and plans and details required for the happiest day of your life. Also, people are going to take endless photos of you at every event along the way. Smile!

As you plan out what to wear to your engagement party, each shower, and the rehearsal dinner, it’s time to think through every aspect of how you’ll look in the pictures that will feature prominently on your parents’ mantle until the end of time. Dress? Check. Shoes? Check. Makeup? Check. Straight teeth? Um.

If you have a fairly standard length engagement, you probably have time to have your teeth straightened. If you get Invisalign, you can take care of that while looking as graceful and gracious as you’d like to for every one of the days you get to refer to your fiancé.

Start getting regular manicures so that you don’t feel self-conscious every time someone grabs your left hand to squeal at the ring. Consider and discard the feasibility of wearing earplugs all the time to protect your hearing from the volume and pitch of said squeal (a.k.a. shriek). All set to hold your hand up and wiggle your fingers to help the stone sparkle? Excellent. Keep in mind that people stop photographing your hand after a couple of weeks.

Shortly after asking if you’ve set a date yet and not-so-subtly inviting themselves to your wedding, people will turn to the topic of dresses. What color will your bridesmaids be wearing? Do they like the dress? Have you found your wedding dress yet? Do you have a picture? You look beautiful! You know it’s the right dress when your mom cries and you have that great big grin on your face.

You may already have whitening strips in your medicine cabinet. You might have always planned to get your teeth professionally whitened before your wedding day, whenever that happened. If you discarded the notion of getting your pearly whites to straighten up because you remember the teasing your best friend got in high school, fear not. Invisalign can do the work without you ever compromising your smile.

Old school silver braces may be cheaper, but they aren’t reusable. If your twentieth high school reunion is coming up and your teeth have inexplicably started to revert, you can reuse your Invisalign aligners to get them back in place. Any sense of superiority as you smile next to your old BFF in the reunion photo is best kept to yourself. Your mischievous grin is not.

Everyone will remind you that your wedding day is your day. Setting aside the obvious correction that it belongs to the groom as well, keep in mind that every eye will be on you. Make sure your smile is as worthy of the attention as your obvious happiness is.

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