Simpli 5 – The Alternative to Invisalign

Simpli 5 Clear Braces

If you’re unhappy with your smile because of misaligned teeth but don’t want the pain and embarrassment of braces then cheer up, there are new alternatives that are virtually invisible and comfortable. Dental science has advanced beyond the metal wires of braces and now bring an alternative to solve certain misalignment problems without anyone being the wiser.

Simpli 5 Clear Braces are alternative treatments for traditional braces. If you have extensive dental movement necessary, the orthodontist might recommend the use of the Simpli5 system for minor dental alignment or as the final treatment for more complex problems originally using braces.

The name Simpli 5 comes from the fact that the system uses a system of five orthodontic aligners to straighten and realign the teeth. There are no bracket or wires and the system if virtually invisible. Initially the dentist takes an impression of your mouth. The impressions are digitized with the computer using imaging technology and sent to the company that creates custom made liners to fit your mouth.

You simply wear the aligners for at least 20 hours a day and as the teeth straighten, normally in about three to five weeks, you change aligners. Each aligner gently coaxes your teeth to move by small increments so there’s no pain. It’s easy to tell when it’s time to change aligners because the tray becomes a looser fit on the teeth. The total time for realignment varies but the average is between three to five months.

Of course, cosmetically this system is superior to the old fashioned system of braces but there are other benefits besides the appearance. One important benefit is the ability to completely clean the teeth. Since you remove the aligner when you eat, the potential for food caught in wires is absent. You also remove the aligner to clean teeth, allowing you to floss with ease and reach all areas of the tooth.

The comfort of the Simpli 5 Clear braces compared to traditional metal, ceramic and clear brace alternatives is superior. Most people find that they don’t notice they’re even wearing the aligner. Speaking isn’t bothered by the liner so there’s no awkward lisp or impediment created.

While there are other clear systems on the market, the Simpli 5 aligners normally are far more economical. The costs vary but you may find as much as a 25 percent reduction in cost from more expensive systems. A discussion of the benefits and drawbacks of each system is important since different methods of tooth straightening are appropriate in various situations.

So if you aren’t happy with your smile because of misalignment of your teeth, but don’t want the embarrassment of braces showing, there’s no longer any reason to delay correction of the problem. Simpli 5 Clear braces help correct your problem discretely. Unless you tell people you’re wearing the aligner, no one will notice it, making it a clear choice for those in the public eye where appearance is important.

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