Pros and Cons of Permanent Dentures

Tooth loss is an embarrassing and inconvenient problem. It lowers self-esteem and can make anyone appear older than they really are. People suffering from this condition usually stay away from social and business functions. With the current advancements in dentistry today, however, oral surgeons may remedy this dental problem easily. Permanent dentures are good replacements for missing teeth. With this, patients restore confidence and their youthful appearance once again.

All on four, for example, is a good dental solution. If you are thinking about having this dental procedure done, here is some useful information you should know.

What is this kind of implant?

All on four is a dental procedure that involves oral surgeons putting four implants in the upper part of the patients jaw. This produces effective results because this area has high bone density. This is suitable for those who need replacement or complete restoration.

How does this implant Work?

People who need dentures implants eventually lose their jawbones because of tooth loss. In this procedure, the oral surgeon takes a bone graft from other parts of the body. They do this to replace the missing bone. This can take a long time to finish – around three to six months.

Dental surgeons will set four implants on the area where the graft has healed. It may take another two to three months before the surgeon places the prosthetic teeth. Recuperation usually takes about a year.

You can find many clinics using the latest equipment. If you have a set budget for the operation, check many dental practices online. You can find many clinics offering affordable dental implants.

Pros and Cons of having Permanent Dentures

If you are thinking of having all on fours, make sure you research its benefits and hindrances. One advantage with this kind of implant is the time it will take to finish and the recovery period. If you have serious medical conditions that affect your bone, doctors will discourage you from having this procedure.

This method, like any other type of surgery, may pose risks. One troublesome effect is rejection of the dental implants. Many patients think this dental procedure is impractical as it is costly. Moreover, with the additional hospital costs and other post-surgical treatment expenses, bills will surely rise.

Most operations usually guarantee a high success rate. If the wearer regularly maintains proper oral health care, the new set of teeth will last long.

Patients do not need to worry about the implants being unfit or implants falling out. Aside from correcting the dental problem, these can aesthetically improve the appearance of the mouth.

With implants, simple tasks like eating and speaking become easier. Implants do not have pockets where food particles can be stuck. This lessens the chance of having odor-causing bacteria in the mouth.

Look for good dental clinics in your area. You can check online for service providers who can help you get in touch with reputable dentists. Another way is by checking yellow pages and getting recommendations from family and friends.

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