Is Zoom Tooth Whitening The Best Method For Teeth Whitening?

One of the most popular tooth whitening treatments available today is the “zoom” teeth whitening method.

So what exactly is zoom tooth whitening? And is it very effective?

Well, zoom teeth whitening is a method which is done in the dentist chair. It involves using gels containing whitening chemicals and a modern light wave technology to activate it.

Although it’s done at the dentist, (I know people can worry about going to the dentist sometimes) the treatment isn’t too uncomfortable. You will have to wear a special lip retractor device to keep your lips away from your teeth, but that’s the worse part (and it isn’t too bad).

Once you’re wearing the lip retractor, the dentist puts the gel onto your teeth, and then applies the light treatment. It can take awhile for the chemical reaction to be complete. It’s usually an hour, which goes by surprisingly fast.

I know sitting in the dentist chair for an hour may put some people off from this treatment, and I can sympathize with you if you feel this way. But it produces results, and it’s cheaper than laser treatment.

But the real question that is probably on your mind right now, is how well does Zoom teeth whitening work?

The results can be very impressive. You will definitely notice your teeth being much whiter, but obviously it’s down to you to look after them well from now on, so you can keep them whiter for longer. After awhile the treatment can fade (especially if you drink a lot of coffee or you’re a smoker).

Many people who prefer the Zoom teeth whitening methods will have this treatment done once a year, which helps keep them staying white.

Now the Zoom method may not be for everyone. But it does get results, and it’s cheaper than laser treatment in most cases. I’ve found it more effective than home treatments, but that’s just my personal experience.

Source by Sarah Wright

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