Invisalign Braces Can Align Your Teeth The Invisible Way

The other day my friends and I were going through our junior school album when we came across our group photograph. In the photograph one of my friends is seen consciously smiling while trying to cover up her braces that she used to wear to align her teeth. Now that friend is an attractive woman who has a ‘killer smile’ according to her male colleagues and we agree wholeheartedly. It is amazing how much a smile can make a difference to your looks and personality. The dental braces are a very common form of treatment under the orthodontic therapy. However the people who are prescribed braces for rectifying the shape of their teeth are embarrassed due to the metal wires that are prominently visible whenever they open their mouth. It leads to a difficult situation where the both the misaligned teeth as well as the treatment in the form of braces distort the appearance of a person. Invisalign braces have made the people requiring braces sign with relief.

The advancement in the field of dentistry has seen the invention of Invisalign braces which are dental braces that use clear custom-fabricated aligners to straighten teeth and gradually move them to their desired location to make the teeth set look proportionate and rightly positioned. The main advantage of Invisalign braces is cosmetic as they are made of transparent material and difficult to detect even from a close range. The wearer can therefore mix around in social situations and publicly flaunt their smile without getting conscious about wearing braces. Invisalign braces also make it easier for adults to rectify their teeth alignment through these invisible braces rather than the metal braces which are more commonly worn by children and adolescents. Also invisalign braces use aligners that are much softer than those used in metal braces and they do not irritate the soft tissues of the mouth.

Invisalign braces are removable and need to be taken off before any meal. This also makes it easier for the wearer to enjoy any and every kind of meal without the discomfort of cumbersome metal braces that need to be worn constantly. However the very fact that the Invisalign braces are removable could also be a problem for some as it might be troublesome to remove and wear the braces after each meal, especially if the wearer is in the habit of constant snacking. The regular maintenance is a price that the wearer has to pay for the convenience of having invisible braces that do not interfere with the appearance. Invisalign braces usually cost the same or slightly more than the traditional braces though the cost also depends on the dentist and the length and complexity of treatment. Our teeth are very precious and we should maintain a little caution and care when handling our dentures. A regular oral care routine and check up by your dentist can go a long way in ensuring that you maintain your set of pearls without any major dental treatment. Invisalign braces have just a step further in helping you maintain oral health and appearance of your teeth.

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