Importance of Dental Health

You are only given once set of permanent teeth and it is vital that you take care of them. There are a few things that can be done to maintain optimal dental health. Visiting a dental office regularly can help prevent dental problems, but emergencies do arise and require extra treatments.

Preventative Health

Any dental hygienist will tell you that at home, in between cleanings, you need to watch your sugar intake, brush at least twice a day, and floss. This will keep the odds of gingivitis at a minimum. Your annual routine visits will involve x-rays, cleaning, and checking for cavities. These routine oral checks help ward off emergency visits, but do not necessarily mean they will not occur.

Root Canals

This one dental problem can arise when a tooth pulp becomes inflamed and cause you to experience intolerable pain. The dentist will need to drill down to the nerve for removal and then fill it back up. It is important to note that good offices will schedule follow-ups to check for any signs of infection, making sure that the problem is fixed.

Broken Tooth

One of the most common emergencies with children is dealing with fractured teeth. This can be due to accidents, fights, or even night grinding. Depending on what caused the fracture, it would be good to talk about preventative measures that can be taken. This is especially true if your child has a lot of grinding issues at night.


It is possible that there will come a time when dentures are necessary. This could be because you begin to lose them with age, or if you did not have good dental care when you were younger, you may have to have some extracted. There are several types of dentures and options are available. Some people prefer to have a bridge if they are missing only one or two teeth, while others are not concerned until they need more space filled. Implants are growing in popularity as they provide a stable base. An implant is a stud that is surgically placed into the jaw bone to attach the dentures

When searching for a great dentist, it is important to talk to your friends. Taking a personal interest in their patients and their health is a positive sign, but knowing that your friends have positive experiences is also. Prices should be similar to other offices in the area. You do not want an office that tries to push unnecessary treatments, or overuse general anesthesia. Many offices will offer a casual conference meeting prior to the first cleaning so patients and dentists can get to know each other. This is when you can see if personalities are a match and what to expect.

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