How to Improve Your Smile

If you don’t smile often because you feel insecure about your teeth, make it your resolution in 2018 to feel confident in your smile again! Here are a few ways our cosmetic dentist near Lakeview can help you achieve your goal:

Straighten Your Smile

If you have an abnormal bite due to crooked teeth, injury, or crowding, then straighten your smile with Invisalign Clear Aligners.  The almost invisible aligners will transform and move your teeth into the perfect placements for your smile. Plus, they are easy to accommodate your lifestyle! View our before and after gallery to see for yourself how straight your smile could be in 2018 with a personalized Invisalign treatment plan.

Finish Your Restorative Dentist Work

The New Year is the perfect time to start or complete your overdue restorative dental work, such as implants, fillings, and more. Completing these procedures will help improve your tooth alignment and prevent additional oral issues. Don’t delay, make your restorative dental appointment today!

Whiten Your Teeth

A bright, white smile can do a lot for your self-confidence. You don’t have to wait weeks to see improvements, either! Make an appointment for In-Office whitening or Take-Home whitening trays at our cosmetic dentist near Lakeview. Maintain your bright smile by brushing twice a day every day for two minutes at a time floss frequently, and avoid including coffee, red wine, and tea.

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