How Do Invisible Dental Braces Like Invisalign Work and Change Your Life Forever?

Invisible dental braces are the talk of the dental town and they sure live up to their names. There is a lot of demand going on for invisible dental aligners today and it is fast taking over the concept of using ugly metal braces for teeth correction. Invisible braces are also known as Invisalign and they are a result of the latest technological advancement in the world of dentistry.

Invisible dental braces really do work and that also as well as the traditional braces. Apart from being totally invisible to the eye, the fact that they are made from computer designed accuracy ensures that the teeth move in the exact precision and you achieve your result in a much faster time. Not only are they far more comfortable to wear than traditional metal braces, they are also much less complicated as they do not have brackets or wires attached to them.

Invisible dental braces or Invisalign usually take around 9 to 12 months to complete the treatment. This is half of the time that is taken by metal or other braces to do their job successfully.

But invisible dental braces have their limitations as well. They can’t do a very good job on patients that have extreme cases of crowded teeth. Also they won’t be effective on teeth that haven’t erupted fully. Apart from these limitations, invisible braces are adept at handling almost any kind of dental situation. And, of course, not to be forgotten is the fact that it is completely invisible, making it a favorite amongst youngsters, teenagers and adults who don’t want to be riddled with ugly metal braces for years together.

All dentists are not qualified to provide an invisible dental brace treatment. Before opting for a dentist, it is important to check if the person is trained in working with Invisalign braces or not. A good dentist who can work with invisible dental braces will have enough experience and training in cosmetic dentistry to understand ever patient’s specific needs and to work accordingly.

How Invisible Dental Braces Work

First the dentist will make a thorough analysis of your teeth structure and will make an impression of your teeth. The computer will then be used to scan the impressions and with specialized software a plan will be prepared that would detail the movements of the teeth that would occur during the treatment.

With the help of this computer generated teeth alignment plan, the dentist will prepare a series of around 12 to 48 aligners. These aligners will then be used to straighten out your teeth over a period of time. You will be required to visit the dentist from time to time to change the aligners.

When the first set of invisible dental braces are fit into your mouth, you will find it uncomfortable as it won’t be a good fit. But this is expected as the aligners will be putting pressure on the teeth to move them. After the teeth gradually move to the new position, they will become loose and will have to be exchanged with the next set of aligners.

Source by Dr Jagmail Basrai

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