How Do Invisible Braces From Invisalign Compare To Normal Braces?

Invisalign is a name which has lately become synonymous with braces and teeth alignment, and a great many people have expressed interest in the invisible braces or clear braces which are designed and manufactured by Invisalign, and available through approved Invisalign dentists nationwide. Whether or not you’ve heard of Invisalign, the very idea of invisible braces is clearly likely to be of interest to anyone considering teeth alignment. But how can teeth alignment be carried out effectively if the braces are virtually invisible?

Certainly the idea of having your teeth neatened and straightened is appealing, but typically the idea of wearing large, very obvious, metal or wire braces is less so. Clearly any solution which removes the highly visible braces is a good one, but surely there has to be some form of payoff at some stage? Are invisible braces as effective as normal braces? Do they achieve the same level of success? Do they take any longer to complete the teeth alignment process, and are there any other issues, side effects or problems which could mean that people may not always feel that clear braces from Invisalign are the answer? In this article we’ll try briefly to answer these questions.

Are Invisible Braces As Effective As Traditional Braces?

This is clearly an important question, and the answer may well surprise you. Because quite apart from clear braces falling short of the results offered by traditional braces, the truth is that they almost invariably achieve a much better end result. Clear braces achieve teeth alignment by nudging the teeth gently into the desired position according to a predetermined series of intervals planned using computer technology, virtual reality and 3D modelling.

Normal braces are fitted and adjusted based largely on professional intuition and guesswork, meaning that the results are less accurately known in advance. Invisalign braces offer the patient a clear indication of exactly how his or her teeth will look, not only by the end of the course, but at fortnightly intervals throughout the whole period of time the braces are worn.

Do Invisalign Braces Take Any Longer Than Standard Braces?

Generally it takes between 2-4 years for traditional, metal or wire braces to complete the teeth alignment process. This is clearly a long term process and the time taken is often a reason for people to forgo the treatment entirely. Clearly any alternative to this would have to provide an advantage as far as the period of time required is concerned, and invisible braces certainly deliver.

In many cases the braces from Invisalign only need to be worn for a few months. Usually even the most extreme cases can be completed within 18 months. This is one of the prime reasons why people are choosing this alternative, since the advantage of having your teeth aligned within a much shorter period of time is as clear to see as the braces are hard to see.

Are There Any Side Effects Or Issues With Wearing Clear Braces?

Certainly there are no side effects, which can be an issue with metal braces. Often people have found that metal braces can discolour teeth, and wire braces can stick into gums, causing ulcers and sores. Because metal braces cannot be removed, there is often an issue with oral hygiene.

Clear or invisible braces slide over the teeth, a little like very thin gum shields, only made of a clear plastic that’s virtually undetectable. This means that there’s no risk of irritation or discolouration, and as the Invisalign invisible braces can be easily removed at any time, oral hygiene is as easy as eating peanut butter or sesame seed buns – something not advisable if you’re wearing fixed metal braces.

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