Healing at a Distance With Radionics

Healing with Radionics

The word Radionics is derived from the two words ‘radiation’ and ‘electronics’; the measurement and use of radiation electronically. It was first contrived in the early part of the 20th Century. You may never have heard of Radionics. Its underlying principle of healing is that we are all connected. Each and every molecule, the higher expressions of life and universe are all connected. If we can be healed from our diseases and health ailments then Radionics can aid this using this connection. Radionics is often defined as ‘holistic distant healing’ – or absent healing. It is a form of vibrational medicine which can reveal the energy imbalances in a patient. The corrective energy pattern is then sent back to the patient using projection or broadcast, or can be imprinted in an oral remedy in pillules – much like homoeopathic treatment.

How it works

All matter has an energy field. This is detectable. Living organisms especially have larger energy fields, or auras. The radiesthesia or ‘extra sensory perception’ faculty, known as ESP and used in Radionics, is sensitive to the subtle vibrations emanating from the energy fields of patients. The unseen radiations of profoundly important areas of mental and emotional activity can be measured in the individual regions of the Chakra or Energy Centres that correspond to the physical glandular systems of the body. These are our endocrine glands and are our invisible guardians. Radionic philosophy regards the physical human body to be governed by the energy fields that surround each minute individual cell. This energy field includes the mental and emotional fields of human thought. The flow of energy between the physical body structures and the mind which includes both the emotional and mental activities will determine our health or our illness.

The DNA or properly your unique Blue Print of Life

Radionics assists in self-healing as it facilitates the corrective flow of energy through the subtle energy fields based upon our individual and unique purpose in life. Each cell, according to cellular biology, carries a copy of the master plan, the DNA. This is the blueprint of the cell and the whole. Through Radionic assessment an individual blueprint of the patient’s total health is set out and also the underlying causes of the symptoms the patient displays physically, mentally or emotionally.

What Radionics can do for you?

The underlying causes are investigated by examining the subtle energies of the life force, mental and emotional aspects of the whole person are assessed using Radionic analysis. It is possible to discover and treat illnesses in their very early stages before pathology becomes apparent. In other words a complaint of being unwell with no apparent physical cause can be successfully treated and the return to vibrant health possible. A Radionic projection can include other energetic vibrations of Dr. Bach flower remedies, of colour, and homoeopathic remedies. Importantly, a Radionic projection to the patient of the corrective patterns for psychological states aids the correct energy flow as so addresses the cause. Antidote patterns for viruses and allergies can also be used in such cases.

How can Radionics help you?

There are no limitations to what radionic treatment can be used. Success can be obtained for acute and chronic physical illnesses; mental and emotional illness and hypersensitivity. Radionics will perform well as a complement to orthodox medicine. And for animals, too. Illnesses that respond to Radionic treatment include conditions ranging from:

• Asthma,

• Allergies including hay fever,

• Migraines and headaches

• Female disorders such as heavy periods and pre-menstrual tension.

• Arthritic symptoms

• Digestive disturbances and bowel problems.

• Mental illness and hypersensitivity

• Is particularly useful following surgery.

Your Permission has to be given

For any healing to take place, permission must be given and this is usually done by the patient providing a witness – a piece of hair is traditionally used, but a photo can also be used and placed upon specialised Radionic instruments for the treatment to occur.

Source by Cornelis Van Dalen

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