Night Guards

If you have chronic headaches or snoring, there might be a simpler solution than you think. In many cases, these symptoms are found in people who grind their teeth at night. These and other temporomandibular disorders (TMD for short; sometimes incorrectly abbreviated to TMJ) are dealt with professionally with dentist approved night guards.

Night guards are essentially smaller, more comfortable mouth guards that you see athletes wear. When you start grinding your teeth, the night guard prevents serious damage to your enamel. The outside layer of the tooth is very important for good oral hygiene because this is where all of the pressure goes when eating. If worn damaged too much, teeth can have a jagged, dagger-like appearance.

Doctors are not entirely sure what causes these issues. Research suggests that stress plays a large factor in nighttime jaw activity. If the patient has experienced trauma to the jaw, such as whiplash in a car accident, TMD can arise. Consult your dentist if you feel pain, shifting, popping or other unnatural phenomena in your jaw after experiencing trauma.

Night guards are custom fit for your mouth. Your first appointment will have your dentist take measurements of your mouth so that your night guard is a perfect fit. After a very short waiting period, you’ll have a night guard that’s a perfect fit.

In addition, our dentists will file down any edges that might poke you while you sleep. At Your OC Dentist, we strive to go the extra mile to make sure our patients feel as good as their teeth are healthy.