Finding A Job As A Dental Hygienist

So, after a grueling 2-4 years of studying and clinical work, you’ve finally completed your dental hygiene course. The next step for you is to review and pass the state licensing exam for the program. When you have completed and passed all requirements and examinations, naturally, your next hurdle is finding that dental hygienist job. Truth is, you won’t have a difficult time looking for a job because this is considered as one of the fastest and most sought after occupations nowadays.

However, in spite of the positive response for dental hygienists, you still have to contend with actually searching for a job – especially if you live in an area where there is a population boom for dental hygienists.

Your Resume

To start you off with your job search, ensure that you prepare your resume. List down your highest educational attainment and any professional experiences that you have, including job references. Make it brief and succinct. Be direct as employers rarely read the entire resume especially if it’s long. Focus only on important aspects of your education and skills.

Desired Qualities

Apart from having excellent academic and clinical background, there are other behavioral competencies that employers are looking for in their would-be employees:

– ability to handle dental tools and equipment

– outstanding people and communication skills

– team player

– time management skills

Where To Find Dental Hygienist Jobs?

The internet is a sea of information and this includes searching for job opportunities. Job sites abound and all you have to do is do a keyword search on search engines. This will already list possible job opportunities that you are looking for. This is especially effective if you do not know specific job sites that show employment options for dental hygienists.

Your school is another great way to find employment opportunities for you. Some schools offer placement assistance to fresh graduates and you can take advantage of this if you really want to land your first job. Otherwise, if your college has a job board, scan through it and you just might find work prospects posted on the board.

Have you heard about temporary placement agencies? This is another option for you if you’re looking for transitory work experience. Usually called “temping”, this type of work arrangement occurs when a dental hygienist goes on leave for a couple of days and the dentist would need the services of a temporary replacement. The good thing about this arrangement is that if the dentist sees your potential and that you’re a good fit for the position, the short-term arrangement could turn into a permanent position.

Lastly, you can also find work through jobs posted in classified ads of newspapers, magazines, or professional publications. Consider sending letters of application to dental organizations and hospitals that might need the services of a dental hygienist. It doesn’t really matter if you send out hundreds of job application before gaining employment. What’s important is you exhaust all means to find that job and sooner or later, you will get the positive response you’ve been waiting for.

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