Dentists & Specialties – Beyond the Teeth Cleaning

When searching for a dentist for you and your family, you may wish to consider one that specializes in other areas of dentistry. Having a specialty allows the general dental practitioner to cater to a broader range of the needs of those in the area in which they serve. Read on to learn more about the many specialties practiced by dentists.

A general dental practitioner performs a number of services to their patients, but by specializing in different areas, they can become the provider your entire family can use and potentially enjoy that relationship for life. Currently, 20% of such professionals participate in some other related specialty. There are eight areas of specialty related to the dental field. Any of the following areas can be combined with general dentistry, or with each other to create a more all-encompassing approach.

Cosmetic Dentistry: The vast majority of professionals also provide at least some services for cosmetic purposes

Endodontics: This specialty focuses mainly on root canals and related surgery. Dentists practicing in this area work in treating the tissues surrounding the root of the tooth

Pediatric Dentistry: These practitioners direct their work in children’s dental needs

Orthodontics: This is the most common area of specialty that dental professionals often combine into their practice.

Orthodontists use tools and techniques to correct tooth irregularities, improper bites and misaligned jaws

Oral Pathology: Dental professionals with this added focus treat the oral and maxillofacial areas and the diseases and disorders affecting it.

Prosthodontics: Dentists who work with patients in this realm deal in prosthetics, meaning teeth or bone implants of the jaw area

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery: These practitioners are also qualified to perform surgery to treat injuries, disease or malformations in the jaw, face and neck areas as they relate to the bones and tissues of the jaw and surrounding area

Public Health Dentistry: Professionals in this field concentrate on preventing diseases on a wider scale and promoting health through community initiatives and such avenues

Enjoying the convenience of many different types of services being offered in one office is a big reason for choosing a dentist with an added specialty. There are times when this situation can even save you money as opposed to having to go to a few various providers for treatment. You can find your own professional and learn about their specialties by conducting an online search today.

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