Dental Implants – Time Taken To Complete Treatment Process

Dental implants treatment process can vary depending on a number of factors. In this article you will learn about the different stages and the number of times you need to visit the dentist during the various stages of your dental implant treatment process in brief.

  1. In the first few visits – General assessment and treatment planning
  2. In next 2-3 visits – Implant placement followed healing period (6 weeks to 6 months). Stitches are removed around 7-10 days after the implant placement.
  3. Several Visits – Healing process is checked, temporary dentures fixed during this period. After healing is complete, they are uncovered and made ready to connect to replacement tooth.
  4. One or Two Visits – Temporary teeth might be fitted to allow for better control over loading and aesthetics.
  5. Final Few Visits – Final teeth are fitted on to the implants after carefully measuring size, shape and color of your other teeth. A few sittings may be needed to adjust so they do not interfere with teeth nearby.
  6. Every Few Months – Regular visits to asses implant health and cleanings.

Bone Grafting Will Increase The Length of Treatment

Yes, bone grafting will considerably increase the length of treatment time. If you are short of jawbone then this is an essential step the will greatly improve the success of your implants. Bone grafting is a complex procedure that requires a lot of skill in execution. Implants are a lot less complex to perform than bone grafts.

In some cases the bone grafting and implant placement are done at the same time which considerably reduces the length of your treatment process but most dentists prefer to do it in two steps.

This can take several visits based on how many grafts you need, finding a graft donor if you can not donate to yourself and so on.

Though getting dental implants can be a time and effort consuming process the returns are worth it. The confidence and positive self-image you gain because of your dental implants will help you enjoy a normal life unhindered by restrictions on food, lifestyle or your interactions with other people.

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