Dental Implants – A Quick Comparison of Techniques

Many patients who use dentures may want to look at dental implants as an alternative. Often used for replacing teeth or replacing a bridge or full denture, this procedure helps restore the look and comfort of regular teeth to a patient as they look similar to natural teeth.

Types of Dental Implants

There are two types to choose from, regular or mini. Which is better for the dental patient? Consider the following comparisons of both types;

Length of Time

One of the big differences between regular and mini dental implants is time. This is the time for recovery and the time to complete the procedure. For a regular implant, two visits are a requirement. This is due to a few weeks healing process so the titanium screw may bond with the bone. After that, the top half of the implant is added at the second dental appointment.

For the mini implant, one visit is all that’s required. Since the mini implant is made up of only one piece and the regular is made up of two pieces, no extra appointments are needed.

Comfort and Added Dental Procedures

For those with thin bone structure, the mini is the clear choice. With a smaller size and only consisting of one piece, the mini dental implant is ideal for such a smaller dental area and bone structure. For the regular implant to work with a thinner bone structure, a bone grafting procedure would become required. This procedure would add to the discomfort and cost of the patient.

Dental Implant Cost

Between the two types of implants, regular implants have the higher cost. For example, the cost of a single restored tooth may initially cost thousands of dollars. If additional procedures, such as bone grafting or sinus lift become required, the cost will increase. The cost of a mini implant for the same restored tooth would run about 30% less.

There are many factors that go into the cost of an implant. Here are some of those factors;

  • Imaging – This is the cost of x-rays needed for the procedure.
  • Dental Lab – This cost includes what’s needed to create the dental implant.
  • Physical Condition – The age, oral hygiene and physical anatomy all determine if additional treatments may become needed.


For those looking for the least amount of time for healing, less cost and only one dental visit, a mini dental implant is the right choice. Most dental practices now carry the mini implant and more patients choose this type of implant for its added conveniences.

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