Dental Implant Surgery Recuperation Period

Dental implant surgery is common these days. The whole process, from evaluation to completion, in general takes six to eight months. During this period, most patients do not experience disturbances in their normal business and social activities.

For most patients, the placement of dental implant involves two surgical procedures. Implants are placed surgically under slight sedation in a dentist’s office. For the initial three to six months subsequent to surgery, the implants are beneath the surface of the gums, gradually bonding with the jawbone. Once the implants have bonded to the jawbone, the second phase of the procedure starts. The oral and maxillofacial surgeon uncovers the implants and attaches small posts which act as anchors for the artificial teeth. Like any other surgery, a significant period of recuperation at home or in the hospital is necessary. During this period, the patient requires complete rest and care.

A basic requirement of implant surgery is, it requires time for adequate healing. This is more often than not three to six months. There are certain factors that are connected with the recuperation period. Recovery period depends on the type and number of implants placed and the condition of their oral health before surgery. The dental implant recuperation period is normally short for most patients. Recuperation periods tend to vary from one patient to another. Patients having serious oral health problems need lengthy recuperation periods. It may range from several weeks to months.

After healing of the implant in the bone the prosthetic phase of treatment can be carried on. In several cases this can take from a few weeks to a few months. A positive attitude towards the surgery, as well as, adequate foods and fluids after your surgery will surely reduce the recuperation period.

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