Clear Braces

Crooked teeth can definitely make one hesitate to flash that winning smile. However, a lot of adults today are not quite comfortable with having stainless brackets simply because they think they are too old to sport those colorful wires and tin grins often seen on teenagers. Let’s admit it, it can be quite embarrassing and distracting to conduct a business proposal with your braces on, right? Who would even take you seriously?

However, with the help of technological innovation and dedicated team of orthodontists, the availability of clear braces allows teenagers and adults to undergo corrective treatment without having to deal with the social stigma of wearing wires on their teeth. This new technology is more commonly known as Invisalign or invisible braces, which is made of clear plastic aligners making it less detectable than that of metal braces. Even the famous Hollywood actor, Tom Cruise was reportedly wearing clear braces as an adult. This is certainly a perfect complement for people who lead busy lifestyle and a great way to have that wonderful set of pearly whites in no time.

The clear braces are highly customized to fit with the particular treatment that you require. You will be asked to wear the braces for a span of two weeks before you will be given another one up until the clear braces have successfully aligned the teeth to the desired position. The great thing about this particular type of braces is the fact that you can easily take it off when you badly need to. Unlike brackets that are adhered to the patient’s teeth, clear braces can easily worn and taken off which is really a great advantage during clean-ups. With the wiry brackets, you are in constant fear of having some food particle lodged between the brackets and cleaning the teeth can be doubly difficult considering the fact that the wires can significantly hamper proper teeth cleaning.

While traditional braces can cause some discomfort and soreness at the first two weeks of use, clear braces hardly cause any aches that are normally associated with wearing braces. It also requires lesser appointments with your orthodontists since you will actually be provided with the whole treatment system from the initial positioning until the desired result is achieved. This definitely liberates you from the hassle of fitting dental check up with your already chaotic schedule. Now you can easily look forward to having that perfect smile that you can always longed for in less than a year or so.

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