Advantages and Disadvantages About Invisalign

There have been different types of braces that a patient can choose from and all of the types differ from the materials that they were made of. Among the different types of fixed equipments or braces was Invisalign – this is used by medical specialists or orthodontists as an alternative to the traditional metal braces and is made up of sequence of removable teeth. This equipment was invented by Align technology which is a Santa Clara-based medical company.

In using this type of braces instead of others, the main advantage is about its appearance; since Invisalign is designed with transparent brackets that are not too visible compared to the traditional metal braces. Since the braces are not too visible unlike the traditional metal ones, this has been very popular among adults because older people who don’t want to have the metal look on their teeth. This equipment is far more comfortable to use than the metal ones since it can be removed from the teeth, so if you are eating, you can take off the aligner and just put it back afterward.

Another advantage of using this is that doesn’t cause the same problems that traditional fixed brackets give like tooth decay and shortening of roots of teeth. The reason for having tooth decay and shortening of teeth roots is that patients will not be able to take off the braces while eating so there will be a tendency that the food will be left in between the metals and teeth and can’t be removed that easily causing tooth decay. So if a patient is about to eat or clean his/her teeth, he can remove the aligners so that they will be able to clean it thoroughly.

After a few weeks the aligners should be adjusted with greater force and this is very helpful for bone remodeling or straightening the teeth as well as aligning the gums. Also, in using this appliance studies show that it provides quicker results than having the traditional metal braces.

On the other hand, the possible disadvantages of having Invisalign is that since this type of brace is not fixed on the teeth there will not going to be a continuous correcting or straightening of the teeth so this means that the progress will depends on the patient’s discipline when it comes to wearing the aligners. If a patient will use it for about 20 to 22 hours a day and will just remove it while eating or if they will drink and clean their teeth then most likely desired results will be achieved.

Another disadvantage would be its price since it costs more than other traditional metal braces; with its design and unique quality it costs more expensive than the usual braces. Also since the equipment should be removed before eating so that the teeth will be cleaned or brushed afterwards there is a big chance that the patient might lose it or forget about inserting it again to the teeth. If the person forgets and lose it then they will need to get another one done by orthodontic and if after eating he/she forgets about inserting it again, best results will not going to be achieved. There are also some rare cases that were reported about cough, nausea, sore throat and allergic reactions for some patients.

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