A Dental Implant Bridge Can Give You Back Your Smile

For some individuals a dental implant bridge may be the best choice. The is frequently the route that is taken when several adjacent front teeth are missing. The thing is, in this particular instance, crowns will not be attractive looking. If these front teeth were crowned, it may cause the individual to be embarrassed, and avoid smiling. This is certainly not desired.

Dental implants have the advantage over bridges. Implants look and feel so natural, that no one will notice them, and even the wearer will forget that they have an implant. Also unlike with a bridge, the adjacent teeth do not have to be filed down in order to affix an implant. Only the one tooth which is missing is affected.

Unlike bridges, implants are a permanent, false tooth placement, which can not be removed. Implants are affixed to the bone beneath the gums. This also results in the bone being healthier. With bridges, there is a chance that the bone beneath the formerly existing tooth, at the root, may begin to deteriorate.

Having all teeth replaced with implants, can be beneficial. The ability to chew is much more natural with implants than with traditional dentures, There will also be no slipping of the teeth while chewing or speaking.

Having implants placed, involves having screw like implements implanted into the jaw, in the location where the missing tooth once was. Once these abatements have healed, it is time to attach the replacement teeth.

If you are having a bridge attached to an implant, the teeth will be created for you, and will be either clipped onto the existing implant, and anchored, or may be tightened to the other teeth by your periodontist.

The dental field has come a long way over the years. Today a dental implant bridge can give a person back their beautiful smile.

Source by Paul De Vizard

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