Your Ultimate Guide to Dental Care and Hygiene

Even the most low maintenance women have some sort of a beauty routine. I should know, as I was one of them. My beauty routine used to consist of letting my hair air-dry and applying sunscreen. What we do to feel the best about ourselves is as individual as we are.

Now my beauty “routine” is rooted in working out, moisturizing and wearing lipstick (usually not at the same time). Even if my hair is a mess (which it usually is) these things help me to feel more comfortable in my skin.

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But what about your smile?

If your smile is white and aligned, and your breath is fresh, everything else directed towards your beauty is gravy. It is the foundation of the way we feel about ourselves, yet it can often get pushed to the side. (Hands up for anyone who skipped flossing today. Don’t leave me here alone, people!)

Take a look at our infographic below to learn more about dos and don’ts of dental care and hygiene.


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