Wisdom Tooth Removal Aftercare – 5 Tips To Ease Your Pain

After the doctor removed your wisdom tooth (for whatever reason) you need to treat it properly in order to heal fast. The healing process usually takes two weeks, but full recovery can only be expected after a month. In some extreme cases you need to pay special attention to the extraction site for half a year. If you want to reduce the time needed and prevent infection just follow the tips below:

1. Do not rinse your mouth for a day after the doctor pulled out your wisdom tooth. If bleeding stopped and you waited 24 hours you can start rinsing with warm salty water to disinfect your mouth.

2. After the tooth removal it’s likely that you will experience some bleeding which can be treated by putting clean gauze over the area in question. Gently bite on the gauze (not too hard!)

3. If you experience facial swelling put ice in a clean cloth and place it over the swollen area externally. Do not leave it there for more than 10 minutes – let your face rest for 20 minutes and then you can apply another load of ice again for 10 minutes.

4. Eat light food or something that is in liquid state. Best foods to consume are: mashed potatoes, milkshakes, ice cream (that’s right – cold ice cream helps to ease the pain and act as a painkiller), instant pudding, instant oatmeal.

5. Drink as much as you can, but do not drink alcohol! Best drinks are tea, milk, mineral water and juices. Be careful that you must not drink hot tea as that could irritate the site where the wisdom tooth was removed from.

Wisdom tooth extraction is certainly something that one has to take seriously. If you experience bleeding after 24 hours or if sharp pain remains for more than a week you should see your doctor immediately.

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