Why Is Dental Care So Expensive?

We all know that medical and dental work is expensive. For the most part, we’ve come to accept this. We may wish that the costs for a root canal or a teeth whitening procedure weren’t as expensive as they are, but we don’t often argue much about it. Instead we pay what the dentist charges either from our pockets or through our insurance.

What, however, makes these procedures so expensive? Well it isn’t that difficult to understand, when you consider the difficulty of the profession. Let’s dive a little deeper into this and other reasons why dental work is so expensive.

First off, the time, money, and effort required to learn all that is necessary of a competent dentist. School costs money, in some cases upwards of $70,000 a year. On top of everything else, the student also needs to eat and survive while they’re leaning to become a dentist, a minimal yet significant additional cost that adds to their debt. As a result, the aspiring dental professional needs to know that it will all be worth it in the end. Their future paychecks will help them get out of the debt they’ve made for themselves and live comfortable lives afterwards.

Next, consider the equipment within a dentist’s office. The newest laser technology, the motorized dental chair, the sophisticated x-ray equipment all costs money. Dentists need to pay for these items, in order to remain in a favorable light with their patients. A new patient won’t want to see an office full of old outdated equipment. They’ll want the newest, cleanest, top of the line machines.

Additionally you need trained professionals to assist the dental practice from receptionists to hygienists. Those staff members are going to need an office in which to practice and there are other expenses like taxes, electricity, insurance, marketing and advertising that must be recouped.

Much like heart surgeons, dentists know a lot about one specific, very important area of our health. We place a lot of confidence in our dentists. We assume that they know what they’re doing, and can correct any potentially painful problem we might encounter. For that reason we are willing to pay a premium to ensure a healthy smile.

Dental procedures are generally quite expensive, though they aren’t unnecessarily expensive. The costs are a direct result of the time and effort that dentists put in to reach the expert level they are at. We should appreciate the fact that these people exist, and understand that while the cost may be high, it’s almost always worth it.

Source by Randy Hopkins

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