What Is in Dental Assisting Programs?

Description of Dental Assistant

A dental assistant is a graduate of any of the assisting programs provided by different accredited schools. The major job of an assistant is to take care of the patients and help the dentist during major and minor dental procedures. Other than patient care and assisting the dentist in dental procedures, the dental assistant also takes office and laboratory duties. The dental assistant is also responsible for keeping and sterilizing the equipment. Furthermore, an assistant may take X-rays, remove stitches and apply dental dams. The assistant is sometimes assigned to making tooth casts and impressions and temporary crowns. Also, the assistant takes responsibilities in keeping patients’ records, billing and receiving payments. Answering phone calls, scheduling patients’ appointment with the dentist and answering inquiries are also part of the assistant’s job. Making orders of dental equipment is also one of the duties of the assistant.

The assistant will only be granted the certification as they finish the program which is divided in two different activities seven hundred fifty hours of lecture and two hundred hours of actual demo. They become certified dental assistant as they pass the Dental Assisting National Board CDA exam.

Assisting Programs

The dental assisting programs are growing at a scale nowadays. Many have been interested and have enrolled into assisting programs in different accredited schools. This assisting programs offered by schools balances its classes. The programs are not just lecture-based or classroom experiences but it is a hands-on training. The trainings are usually conducted in dental facilities and laboratories to equip the students. The have their on-the-job training too. Internship in different dental clinics or facilities is also part of the program. The program’s goal is not just to provide knowledge on students but also to provide them the skills they needed to become excellent and competent in the field.

The courses included in the program are first aid and CPR, dental profession, clinical chair side assisting, dental materials, infection control, laboratory procedures, business administration, head and neck anatomy, oral anatomy, tooth morphology, microbiology, anatomy and physiology, oral pathology, embryology and histology, psychology and the special patient, pharmacology, pain control, and therapeutics, preventive dentistry and nutrition, radiology, human relations, job seeking skills and internships. Business administration is included within the program to equip the students as they will be working in dental offices in the future. The students may also take into a higher level of their study by taking some specializations. Some students when they graduate will be able to work in pediatric dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, periodontics, and many other fields. These will take them into specialization in different areas of the field and will further possibly result to increase in their earnings. The rest of the courses may sound very technical to you but these are interesting courses which make every student effective in the field. These courses of the dental assisting programs are the building blocks of dental assisting and they are stepping stones to the success of every student enrolled in the program.

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