What Are the Most Common Cosmetic Dental Procedures?

Cosmetic dental procedures are performed every day in dental offices every where. Most cosmetic dentist will use a combination of plastic surgery and dental work in order to complete the patient’s request. Dental work can be as simple as whitening a smile or it can be as complex as reshaping a smile. A cosmetic dentist will work to make your smile healthy and make it the way you want it to be made. You want to smile big when you smile and you probably allow the overall look of your teeth to discourage you from smiling your biggest and brightest smile however with today’s technology you can smile bigger and brighter than ever.

Teeth whitening are beyond what you purchase at a store in a box and take home. It is a routine cosmetic dental procedure and can include a laser to help whitening the teeth in about one hour. It can remove stains from your teeth which is what discolored them to begin with. When a patient has teeth that are crooked or uneven, he or she may want to disguise them with a whiter and brighter smile.

Dental veneers are another cosmetic dental procedure performed in the office in one or two visits. If your teeth are discolored and whitening treatments do not work then you may want to consider dental veneers instead. Tooth veneers are placed over your natural teeth and given a brighter overall look. Porcelain veneers are considered to be durable and strong, lasting a long time.

a dental bridge is another type of cosmetic dental procedure that can be performed in the office. A bridge is a great way to fix a space in your mouth that maybe due to teeth missing or needing to be pulled due to the health of your teeth. The dental bridge will allow the person the ability to chew their food as if they still had all their teeth and it never needs to be taken out, like partial dentures do. It is comfortable to wear and can provide instant results.

Dental bonding is a common type of cosmetic dental work that requires a minimum number of visits to the dentist, in order to achieve a healthier smile. If there are natural defects that cause spots on your teeth or if you have a gap in your teeth then the dental bonding may help. In order to bond the teeth the dentist will place a thick layer of material in the front of the teeth. A laser beam is shown up to the mouth to help harden the substance creating a bond that will last for a long time.

Gum surgery may also be necessary in order to have a healthy smile. Sometimes the gums are larger in size and can make someone a little nervous. The perfect smile may be waiting for you but if you want to improve your smile drastically you need a cosmetic surgeon to do cosmetic dental procedures.

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