What Are Gum Grafts and When Are They Needed?

Gum grafts are one of the most prevalent surgeries performed by dental surgeons and you will be surprised by how many patients that don’t know what gum grafts are, until they need the procedure done themselves. When patients are told that they need gum grafts, they can be scared and they won’t want to have the procedure done. It is very important that people learn about what gum grafts are and why they would need one.

When are gum grafts performed?

Gum grafts are a treatment for gum disease. If you experience bleeding when eating or brushing your teeth, then it is the first sign of gum disease. If you were to leave having treatment for the gum disease, then you will reach the point where your gums begin to recede and expose more of your teeth.

If you leave treatment until you are in the advanced stages of gum disease, then you will need gum grafts to prevent the gum disease from getting worse or actually losing teeth.

Sensitive Teeth

When the roots of your teeth are exposed, your teeth might become more sensitive and you could become ashamed of your smile. You might start smiling with your mouth closed.

No one should be ashamed of their smile and if you think the root exposure is making you too self-conscious, then you should get help immediately because a gum graft will help to make you feel better about your smile.

What is a gum graft exactly?

A gum graft is dental procedure where a graft of tissue is taken from the back of the mouth and then is reattached to the infected area. This graft will cover the exposed root.

A periodontist can do this on one tooth, or many teeth during the same procedure. It is highly recommended that you go through with the treatment if you need it because when the root is exposed on the gum, it can appear unsightly.

Is there any pain?

The honest answer to this question is that it depends on the periodontist and the method that they use for the procedure. There are periodontists that use state of the art techniques to perform the procedure, which will cause the patient little to no pain.

As a result, you should look for the best periodontist to perform the procedure. You don’t have to use your dentist. If they have caused you pain when they have performed simple procedures, then you shouldn’t let them anywhere near you for a complicated procedure.

After the procedure, you might experience pain as you begin to heal. However, the pain is bearable and will not cause you too much discomfort. If you do experience pain, then it can be relieved with over the counter pain reliever medications.


In conclusion, a gum graft is something that you should have if your dentist recommends it as a treatment for your gum disease. You don’t have to worry about pain if your surgeon uses state of the art equipment, and if you are a nervous patient, all you have to do is tell the dentist or the nurses that you are scared and they should put your fears at ease.

It is a procedure that is worth having if you are having problems with your teeth and gums. If your teeth are sensitive, or they are bleeding, then this procedure will alleviate those symptoms and prevent any further damage.

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