Types of Health Problems That a Dog Can Suffer

All dog owners should have the initiative to identify, if their dogs seem to not feel well. Below are types of health complaints that a dog can suffer. It is important that this is a general first aid topic cover and will not cover every situation. It is always very important to seek veterinary advice.


Sensitive skin is sometimes prone to infection. An Abscess may look very similar to a pimple in its appearance but is usually much larger. As the lump grows it mostly forms a core and a pussy head. Dab a mild disinfectant on any cut or sore straightaway to prevent it from becoming an abscess. Do not use a poisonous solution as it is normal for a dog to lick his wounds.

Treatment: If the cut is infected and an abscess forms then veterinarian assistance should be acquired…


This ailment causes inflammation to the joints and bones of a dog. It is important in the dog’s early years to keep up an adequate diet – vitamin rich and non-fattening. If the dog is not carrying much weight then he can cope much better when and if he is attacked by this ailment.

Causes are vague, more common in older dogs and may attack those that are not exercised. It can occur if the animal becomes wet and chilled or is injured in some manner. If he pulls a muscle or dislocates a joint, then arthritis may attack.

Treatment: Sometimes a vet can relieve pain, veterinary assistance is essential if the pain is severe.


Caused by a blow to the body, a lump appears and as a result of the injury, bleeding from damaged blood vessels around the impact area occurs.

Treatment: If the dog is suffering from shock keep him quiet and warm and seek veterinary advice. Do not give him anything to eat or drink. If you believe the injury is more serious than first thought seek veterinary advice.

Otitis externa

Otitis externa or Ear Infections are the most common dog health problem with an estimated 20% of dogs being affected.

The inflammation may be caused by infection, allergy or other causes. Signs of external otitis are head-shaking and scratching and rubbing at the affected ear.

Treatment: If you go to the vet, he may need to tranquilize your dog to clean and flush the ear initially. Apply a few drops of the cleaning solution inside your dog’s ears by using cotton-tipped swab or cotton balls. Do not attempt to clean in the deeper recesses of your dog’s ears.


Obesity is one of the fastest growing health problems in dogs today and can lead to a variety of other diseases and disorders.

In most cases it is caused by lack of exercise and overfeeding. Excess body fact can affect the bones, the joints, the digestive system and the respiratory system – all reducing the well-being of your pet as well as leading to a reduced lifespan.

Treatment: Providing your dog with sufficient exercise and feeding him according to his activity level is the best way to prevent obesity.


Dermatitis or inflammatory disorders is chronic skin disease associated with allergies. The signs associated with dermatitis, consist of itching, scratching, rubbing, and licking, especially around the face, paws, and underarms.

These skin rashes are often caused by allergies, fleas, mange mites, a skin irritant, or bacterial or fungal infections.

Treatment: The most effective long-term solution is to change the dog’s living circumstances to avoid the allergen.

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