Top Tips On How To Rid Your Invisalign Aligners Of Unwanted Odors

Like any teeth straightening instrument, Invisalign if not cleaned properly can get a bit whiffy. Aligners need to be treated very similarly to your own teeth, otherwise you could end up with bad breath and unwanted aligner odor. Guessing you don’t want to put up with aligner odor, here’s a few ways you can keep your breath and your aligners fresh and odor free (well, the only odor being the one of fresh mint).

Tip 1: First of all for the sake of your oral health and breath, it’s vital that you stick to the Invisalign teeth cleaning routine, which requires you to brush your teeth after every meal. Cleaning your teeth after every meal helps you avoid further cavities and keeps you breathe fresh. Don’t forget to floss, brush and use mouth wash twice a day to keep your teeth in a good state.

Tip 2: At the same time as you clean your teeth, clean your Invisalign aligners with toothpaste and then wash in water. Try not to put dirty aligners back on or clean aligners onto unclean teeth, as this will encourage odor.

Tip 3: Wherever you go, make sure you are able to clean your teeth. Leaving a spare toothbrush and toothpaste at the office is a good idea as you can then clean your teeth and aligners after lunch and snacking. You could even leave mouthwash. If you are always ‘out and about’, then keep a toothbrush and a mini-toothpaste tube in your bag, enabling you to clean your teeth wherever you go.

Tip 4: Avoid drinking anything but water when your Invisalign braces are in, as fizzy, caffeinated or acidic drinks can cause staining and encourage bacteria (leading to bad breath). Even mineral water may not be healthy for your Invisalign aligners. Keep a bottle of tap water on your desk and wait till you eat for any fizzy, caffeinated or acidic drink. If you do decide to drink any of these before meals, always brush teeth and aligners afterwards.

Tip 5: Always follow correct aligner cleaning procedures as this will prevent them from becoming dirty and in turn causing bad odor. You can clean them using the special cleaning crystals from Invisalign, by soaking them in a water- bicarbonate of soda mixture twice per day or in mouthwash for 2 minutes. When using any products on aligners, make sure you wash off the excess before placing in mouth.

Source by Marie Coles

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