Tips For Wisdom Teeth Extraction Preparation

One thing that most people fear is a tooth extraction. We all know the dentist is going to numb the area when they pull the teeth, and we know that they will likely provide us with something to relieve the pain after the extraction, but deep down we are all afraid to get a tooth pulled. This makes it more difficult when we have to have wisdom tooth surgery done.

Wisdom teeth extraction is one of the most common tooth extractions for adults. More than half of the population have some type of difficulties with these teeth, and because of that they have to have wisdom tooth surgery to remove the teeth.

Before having wisdom tooth surgery you can prepare for the upcoming event and this will not only make the healing process easier after the removal, but it will also keep your mind busy and stop you from becoming so afraid of the procedure.

Wisdom teeth extraction often results in the dentist having to cut the gums around the tooth in order to be able to remove the tooth. To prepare for such a thing in advance you need to make sure that for forty eight hours prior to having your tooth extracted you abstain from aspirin and ibuprofen. These are over the counter medications that are used for the control of pain, fever, and body aches, but they can cause you to bleed more freely. This could be problematic during, and immediately following a tooth extraction. If you take aspirin once a day for your heart health check with your doctor before you stop taking them.

Do not smoke cigarettes, cigars, or pipes, just before your surgery, or for at least thirty six hours after the surgery. The motion that you have to make in order to draw on these items can cause complications with your healing after the procedure. The motion from the drawing in on the cigarette can actually dislodge the blood clot that forms in the hole left by the removal of the tooth and cause you to develop a painful condition called a dry socket.

Plan ahead for the recovery period following the surgery. You will not want to chew anything that requires a lot of chewing so stock your pantry with soft foods. Puddings, gelatins, mashed potatoes, yogurt, ice cream, soups, sherbet, and things that you can eat without really chewing. You should only have to eat this soft food for a couple of days before you can return to your normal diet. When you do return to your normal diet chew your food slowly so that you take less chances of injuring your tender gums.

Inside your mouth actually heals quicker than your external skin does so you will not be recovering for as long a period of time as if you had other types of surgery. Plan to have someone with you for the first twenty four hours after the extraction, and then you should be alright staying alone.

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