Tips For Maintaining Invisalign Clear Braces

Invisalign adopts a new method for straightening teeth. The aligners are custom made, of smooth clear braces, made of plastic that appear invisible, when they are placed over the teeth. Constant wearing of the clear braces will keep or gently shift the teeth into the natural position. The clear braces will replace the metal and wires that are seen with conventional braces, and there are comfortable enough to be worn constantly. All that is needed is a bi-weekly replacement.

The Invisalign treatment begins with a consultation, from a qualified provider who has been trained and recognized to perform the treatment. The consultation will normally entail a detailed analysis that will be used to determine whether the Invisalign treatment can be used to help you.

The plan is customized and will only be developed after pictures, x-rays, and impressions of your gums and teeth are taken. They will also map out in 3D the movements of your jaws, gums and teeth while you eat, sleep and speak. The length of the treatment can differ, and it may take up to a year for some adults.

In developing the treatment plan, using the precise details, a set of clear braces is made from clear plastic that contains no BPA. The treatment progresses in stages, and at each stage a different set of clear braces is worn. The braces are worn through the day and can be removed for brushing and flossing or when consuming meals. The clear braces are replaced every two weeks, as the procedure advances. A visit to the orthodontist may be required every 6 months to monitor the progression. The best results are achieved with the Invisalign process if the braces are worn for at least 20 hours daily. They are comfortable enough to be able to sleep with them, and it is easy to note the improvement in your appearance and smile as the braces remain unnoticeable.

The aligners are easy to maintain, and requires very little effort. The official cleaning kit contains a pack of crystal that are dissolve in water, and applied to the braces to remove plaque, and odors., or they can be simply be gently brushed with a soft bristle brush and then rinsed in lukewarm water. Removing the aligners whenever you eat, will also keep food from coming into contact to stain or discolor the braces. You can eat whatever foods you wish even those that may discolor the teeth, and not worry about food or particle getting stuck, as they often do with brackets and wires.

You can wear the Invisalign clear braces, even while participating in contact sports; however, they should not be used as substitute for a mouth guard, which was designed to offer more protection for the teeth.

The decision to begin the treatment must be done carefully and it is involves a careful assessment. Not all doctors are authorized or are trained to offer the services, and there some important questions that you can ask during the consultation and during different phases of the treatment.

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