The Benefits of Invisalign Vs Metal Braces

Invisalign aligners or standard metal braces? a question which deserves some serious attention prior to making the choice between products. Pre-pubescent individuals are often the first to disrespect those with braces. The impact on self-esteem can be negative, but name-calling are not limited to the “strange ones”. Even adults can be called names like “metal mouth”, “railroad tracks” or “brace face”, just to name a few. Also, some adults also discover that they are not taken seriously in the workplace because of their new, shiny metal smile.

While the frequently seen braces are easily seen, the Invisalign aligners, as the name implies, are virtually invisible to others and therefore, reduce the chances of name-calling. But, name-calling aside, it may be the health benefits and the overall comfort that make Invisalign the most ideal choice.

Invisalign aligners are custom fit to the patient’s mouth with the help of a 3-D plan of the entire treatment timeline. They are adjusted depending on the degree of correction necessary. Since metal braces and brackets are not necessary, there is little pain.

Advantages of invisalign aligners

The usual process of compressing braces can be most painful for the dental patient. It takes a little more time to get used to the braces. Special medication may be needed to treat these symptoms. Invisalign technology provides a way to avoid all these problems.

Hygiene is one of the biggest factor in the decision-making process. Comparing standard braces with Invisalign Aligners, the latter is removed while eating. Braces and brackets leave many channels and routes and this can cause plaque, which is difficult to remove causing teeth to decay or discolor. In order to maintain good oral hygiene with braces, the wearer must use a special toothbrush, an oral irrigator, and a fluoride mouth rinse to strengthen the enamel and repair microscopic cavities. In the case of the Invisalign aligners, the wearer must merely brush and floss after eating prior to putting the aligners back in.

Wearing metal braces can be hazardous for sports people. Contact sports players must at all times wear protective gear such as mouth guards. If there is an accident to the mouth area, it can cause severe injuries to the lips and gums, and even cause irreparable damage to the teeth. Moreover, commercial mouth guards are not a hundred percent safe, since they have gaps.

While it may seem true that metal braces are more affordable, but they come with other costs such as lower self-esteem or work problems. Invisalign has saved many from both physical and emotional discomfort, and with better overall oral hygiene as a side benefit, Invisalign gives wearers many new reasons to smile.

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