The Benefits of All on Four Implants

More and more dentists around the country are beginning to offer All on Four implants, which is slightly different than dental implants. Traditionally, implants are used for single teeth and the process is very straight forward. When there are a large number of teeth to be replaced – or all the teeth – things get a little more complicated. This is why many people choose dentures.

There is now what’s known as All on Four, which is a technique that makes it possible to do a full tooth replacement using anywhere between four and six implants. The implants are placed at a 45 degree angle, which increases the strength considerably. Crowns can also be applied without having to wait the traditional two to four months for an implant to heal – which allows people to have the smile they have always wanted in about one day.

There are a number of benefits to the All on Four implants. Some of the most obvious ones include:

  • Minimal recovery time
  • Cost reduction in comparison to single implants
  • Easy maintenance with proper hygiene

In addition to the obvious benefits, there are more that the average patient doesn’t realize. In most cases, these implants don’t require bone grafting. This can reduce the amount of recovery time and simplify the process considerably. It, as a result, will also lower the price, which is why many people will consider these implants after learning about them in more detail.

Dentures are frustrating for people because they have to go in and out of the mouth. In order to practice proper hygiene, the dentures must be removed at night and soaked. This means that a person is unable to simply have their teeth in at all times. The All on Four provides people with a mouth full of teeth like they are used to happening.

The special implants can also provide a very youthful appearance and provide bone level stabilization – something that dentures don’t offer. A whole new smile can be provided to a patient in one day. This alone is going to offer more self-confidence and improve a person’s quality of life. They will be able to eat all of the foods they used to eat without having to worry about whether their teeth are strong enough or not.

The All on Four implants are not offered everywhere because it is still considered a relatively new technique. Dentist offices that offer it are on the forefront of the dentistry world and can offer a variety of benefits to patients.

Patients should never have to settle for dentures. While implants can be expensive and require a lot of recovery, these are different because there are only four to six implants in total going into the mouth. Patients can walk in and walk out on the same day with a completely new smile – and this is what’s leading more patients to consider the implants as opposed to going to dentures – or doing nothing.

Source by Jeff Weigang

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