Teaching them about oral hygiene

Most children will start losing their baby teeth between the ages of five and seven.

But, many parents will have begun instilling good oral health habits long before then, and this is where the Tooth Fairy can really come in handy.
Begin incorporating the Tooth Fairy into story-time and teeth-brushing time. Let your child watch you brush and floss, even before their own teeth come in.
Remind them often that the Tooth Fairy wants baby teeth that are in good, healthy condition, not those with cavities or in poor condition.
The more excited you can get your children about the Tooth Fairy, the easier it will be to instil lifelong good habits in them.
Another way to reinforce good oral health habits is to forgo cash and other types of gifts altogether in favour of a new toothbrush and a fun or whimsical flavoured toothpaste. Today, you can find minty, candy- or even berry-flavoured toothpastes readily, as well as toothbrushes with your child’s favourite characters on them.
In the end, as parents, every moment becomes an opportunity to teach and mould our children. Even something as light-hearted as the Tooth Fairy becomes a chance to instil good habits for a happier, healthier future when utilised in a fun and playful way.

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