Signs You Need a Root Canal

If you need a root canal in Lincoln Park, our dentists understand your pain! When the inner passages of a tooth between the roots and pulp get infected or decayed, you’ll need a root canal. Both nerves and blood vessels get damaged and they need to be removed in order for your teeth to properly sense hot and cold. If left untreated, the pain will continue and likely get worse!

Causes of Root Canals

Decay, damage and disease are the three main causes of root canals. Decay stems from not properly taking care of your teeth, and it often appears as discoloration or general wear-and-tear of outer enamel. Damage includes cracks or chips in your teeth that can ultimately lead to root canal pain. Disease, trauma, recent procedures and fillings, and infections may also be causes of why you need a root canal.


The signs that you need a root canal are painful enough that you should be able to notice them, but there are more subtle signs as well. If you can’t eat without feeling pain in a certain area of your mouth, this isn’t a good sign. You may also notice that your teeth are overly sensitive to hot or cold stimuli long after the stimuli has been removed. More subtle signs you need a root canal are tenderness or swelling in the gums, teeth darkening or a small bump on your gums that resembles a pimple.

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