Removable Braces to Align Teeth

In these days of makeovers and megawatt smiles, where aesthetics are at the forefront of many health related decisions people make, it’s no surprise that people in search of orthodontic treatment ask about more aesthetically pleasing options.

Orthodontists answer questions daily from new patients about types of removable braces that are less noticeable when worn.

Increasingly, patients want alignment options that are not noticeable by people they come into contact with. They want to have the confidence to smile without having people notice appliances in their mouth, and now there are several types of it on the market that can help achieve that.

Most brands of removable braces tend to be good options for non-severe orthodontic cases, or in patients who don’t require a great deal of movement to achieve proper alignment.

There are significant differences between traditional and this kind of braces, even though there have been notable aesthetic advancements to make some traditional braces options less noticeable.

Traditional braces involve securing silver brackets to the front or the back of the teeth and securing a metal wire to them, which serves to gradually shift the teeth into proper alignment. More aesthetic variations of this method include using clear or tooth-colored brackets instead of silver ones.

They are either retainers or clear aligners. Active- also referred to as spring- retainers are used to make minor teeth movements, especially if there is a relapse after the braces are removed. Clear aligners, on the other hand, are also a type of removable braces that, based on the type of braces, can align teeth more extensively.

There are several different brands of braces, including Invisalign, NuBrace and Clear Correct. Allesee Orthodontic Appliances manufacturers a couple of types of removable braces: Red, White and Blue and Simpli 5. These aligners work to correct crowding and spacing of less than .5 millimeters.

In addition to doing an effective job of aligning teeth without metal appliances, removable braces also offer a great deal of oral hygiene benefits. Because they are removable, patients can take out their aligners when they eat, brush and floss.


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