Reasons for Oral Surgery

There is a wide range of reasons why you need to go to a dentist for surgery. It can be anything, from the common concern of having a wisdom tooth to the complicated temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders. It would be best for you to know which problems should be taken care of surgical procedures, so you can consult a dental expert right away.

The third molars, or wisdom teeth to many, are the last to develop among your whole set of teeth. There are cases when these teeth do not grow or emerge properly. They are sometimes unaligned with the rest of your teeth. As a result, you suffer from impacted teeth, since the third molars are entrapped in middle of your jawbone and gum tissue. Severe swelling and pain are often experienced when this happens. Worse, infection of the surrounding gum tissue also occurs sometimes, especially when not treated immediately. Teeth, gums, and jawbone can even be permanently damaged because of this. In extreme situations, cysts or tumors may also be formed in the infected area. This is why the dentist performs surgery as soon as possible in cases like this.

Tooth loss presents both aesthetic and functional problems for you. It may be caused by decay, infection, or an accident. In most cases, the problem of missing teeth is solved by surgery, particularly dental implant. In an implant, your tooth root is substituted with a certain material that’s anchored into your jawbone. This is where the artificial tooth is attached. This requires several visits since the dentist will have to wait for the anchored tooth root substitute to heal and be settled in the jawbone first before the artificial tooth will be cemented in place of the missing tooth. However, this solution is not for everyone. You need to have good bone density and will be required to follow meticulous oral hygiene and maintenance.

You also need to consult your dentist about surgery if you have jaw-related concerns. Temporomandibular joint disorders and unequal jaw growth are among these. Headache and other pains felt on your face are sometimes brought about by a problem in the small joint where your skull and lower jaw meet. If it’s a complicated case, surgical procedures are recommended. You may also be suffering from difficulties in speaking, eating, and even breathing if you’ve got unequal jaw growth. Sometimes part of your jaw needs to be repositioned through surgery to correct this.

If you think that you have any of these problems or similar dental concerns, check with your dentist. You may just need minor treatments to make you look and feel better. It would also be ideal to know as early as possible if you have a serious problem that would need oral surgery.

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