Pros and Cons of Dental Implants

Dental implants may be fitted into the jaws over which artificial teeth may be fixed. These implants are made using artificial titanium. Dental implants are used to replace decayed tooth root. Dental implants have both advantages and drawbacks just as with other dental procedures. Before opting for the procedure you have to analyze the pros and cons carefully.

The Pros

Dental implants are cost effective because they can last a lifetime. They can also look and feel like your original teeth. They are also lot superior to traditional bridges or dentures. You can also benefit from better biting action. They can also fit perfectly and look striking. Through this method more than one tooth can be replaced easily. They can also offer good support for the dentures. They can be used to correct toothless jaw and make you look younger.

The Cons

The downside is that these implants are very expensive. In fact, they are more costly than partial or full dentures and fixed bridges. They may also not be covered by dental insurance policies. It can also be very time consuming to get this process done. It may involve more than one visit to the dentist. The surgery can also be painful and will lead to bruising and swelling to some extent. However these effects can differ from one person to another. Your over all health condition can also determine the amount of success with respect to this procedure. Those suffering from diseases like diabetes must consult with their doctor before opting for such procedures. There can also be breakage of implants that can cause mouth infection.

How to find low cost Dental Implants in Los Angeles

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