Paying for Dental Implants – Are They Worth It?

When you lose a tooth or one needs to be replaced due to bad decaying, you have a lot of options to fill that area of your teeth. But one of the most popular ways to replace a tooth is to get dental implants. These are artificial teeth roots that are placed into your jaw; they can replace a tooth or a bridge in your mouth. If you have ever heard about dental implants, you have probably heard that they can cost you a pretty penny and this is actually true. Which means you may be asking if the price you pay is really worth the way they look and feel in your mouth.

To answer that question, let’s take a look at the cost of the implants. We will then go over some of the ways that these implants are really good for your mouth and better than other options that you have to replace your missing tooth.

The Cost of Dental Implants

The cost of dental implants will be a little different every with every dental institution that you go to. However, the average cost that a person will pay to have an implant put into their teeth can range anywhere from $2,000-$4,000 for one single implant. The cost of a dental implant is determined by a few factors such as:

• Placement. If you need an implant in the front area of your teeth, where it will be easily seen, chances are it is going to cost you more.

• Larger casings. A case is the size of the area where you will need implants, the larger that area is, the average cost will be less than the areas where you have a small case.

• X-rays. Your dentist may take x-rays to see the casing areas a little better and this could end up costing you more money.

• The condition of your mouth. If your mouth will need further treatment other than the implants such as bone grafting or a sinus lift, than you are going to be charged more. Some procedures may be required in order for you to get the dental implants you need.

Will the Cost of Dental Implants be Worth It?

Many people who get a dental implant say that having them put in was one of the best decisions they had ever made in their lives. This is because they look so realistic that it surely doesn’t even look like you ever had to have on in the first place. After you get a dental implant, that tooth is likely to never need a replacement again.

These implants will last decades, through all the chewing and biting, you don’t have to worry about it falling out or needing a replacement. Dental implants allow you to eat naturally and do anything that you would with normal teeth. These are the closest thing that a person can get to a real tooth once they lose one of theirs.

You do have other options when you lose a tooth such as:

• Dentures. The thing about dentures is that they are often very difficult to deal with and you will need to use sticky products to keep them in. Many say that dentures often interfere with the way things taste.

• Bridge. A bridge can be hard to floss and they won’t look as natural as an implant. Often a bridge will end up needing to be replaced. A bridge will also put stress on your adjacent teeth while an implant will only replace a tooth that you are missing.

All In All, Are They Worth It?

So, after reading the information above, you may still be asking yourself if they are really worth the money you will pay to get the implants done and the answer is yes! You will love how natural and amazing an implant will look in your mouth. The procedure isn’t as long as you may imagine, you will be in and out of the office the same day and it will heal in a matter of days.

You treat a dental implant just as you would any other of your teeth. You brush it, floss it and use it however you wish. If you have lost a tooth, getting a dental implant will be something that you won’t regret no matter the cost.

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