Overview Of Invisalign Aligner Therapy

INVISALIGN aligner therapy is the use of transparent braces over a consecutive number of months to help straighten out ones teeth. In this treatment, a series of clear temporary aligners are used to straighten your teeth, without using brackets or metal wires. These aligners are made of 3D computerized technology and their usage is quite simple. You need to wear the aligners for about three to four weeks. You need to remove them, only when you are drinking, eating and brushing. You need to replace each aligner with the next in the series and then, slowly, week by week your teeth will start to straighten out. Ultimately they are strengthened to the final position.


Generally it takes 12 to 16 months on an average to complete the total treatment. The average number of aligners which needs to be used during this time span varies from 13 to 17. Once you have gone through the entire treatment procedure, that is, by the end of the 16th month, you will find that your smile is much more appealing and attractive. Now, you have a good reason to smile more!

Once you have completed your treatment, you need to preserve and take care of the beautiful smile which you have gained by investing a considerable amount of money. In most of the cases, doctors suggest retainers, if required. Retainers are used to hold your teeth in their new position.


The aligners used in INVISALIGN therapy are invisible. Others will not be able to figure out that you are wearing these invisible aligners. So, you don’t have to feel shy or embarrassed while talking to others or laughing.

These aligners are flexible, that is, they could be removed when you want to eat and drink. You can also remove them to brush and floss. So you may carry on with your regular dental hygiene routine without being bothered by these aligners. There are no metal brackets or wires, unlike the traditional fixed braces. This means it takes less time to adjust them.

One important aspect of this treatment is that it allows you to view your computer-generated outcomes and action plan before you even begin your treatment. It gives you a clear picture, as to how your teeth are going to look once you have completed the treatment.


The entire treatment may cost somewhere $3500 to $7000. The cost depends on the structure, positioning of your teeth. The fee increases with increasing complexity. In some cases, only a few months of movement are required. These types of cases are relatively simple and therefore, save a considerable amount of money. In such cases, the entire treatment would cost $2500 to $ 3500. The reputation and skill of the dentist also affects the cost of any dental treatment. Similarly, how much care the dentist takes of you after the treatment is over, also contributes to the total cost.

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