On Average, How Much Are Invisalign Braces?

Giving an average estimate for pricing on teeth alignment of any variety is tricky, costs can vary pretty widely depending on any number of different factors. The only true way to get a decent idea of what Invisalign braces, or any oral correction procedure is to pay a visit to the practitioners in your area that perform the procedure and get a quote.

Some things that may affect the overall price are: where you live; what the current condition of your teeth is; what, if any, preliminary or preoperational work has to be done before the procedure is done and what type of dental insurance you have. Let’s go over each of these things individually to see how each may affect the total price of your Invisalign braces.

Dental Insurance

The type of dental insurance you have, if you are lucky enough to have any, will most certainly have the largest effect on the out of pocket cost of your Invisalign Braces. With no dental plan, you would be responsible for paying the entire amount out of pocket – at the very least this will be a few thousand dollars – even if you shop around for the best deal.

Some insurance plans cover a set percentage of the cost of dental procedures up to forty, fifty or sixty percent – this could still leave you with a reasonable out of pocket expense, but saving fifty percent on a bill that large is much better than not saving anything at all.

Exception dental insurance will cover upwards of thirty-five hundred dollars in dental work, depending on where you live and how misaligned your teeth are this may be enough to cover the entire procedure or to leave you with very little out of pocket expense once the procedure is complete.

Where You Live

This factor could also have a big impact on the cost of getting your Invisalign braces. The cost of living in some areas of the country is much higher than the national average and in others it’s much lower than the average. If you live in New York, Los Angeles, Miami or Boston you can probably expect to pay quite a bit more for your Invisalign Braces than you would if you lived in Des Moines, Chattanooga or Charleston. Everything that you spend money on is affected by the area in which you live – houses, cars, food, clothing and even Invisalign braces.

How Bad your Teeth are

If there are other dental issues with your teeth that your dentist recommends that you get taken care of before getting Invisalign braces, it won’t necessarily change the cost of the actual braces, but it will add the associated costs of more office visits. If your teeth are severely crooked, you may require more clear retainers in the series to compensate for the alignment. Invisalign braces are made up of a series of clear, removable retainers that move the teeth little by little through wear, if you need more than the standard amount of retainers to properly align your teeth, the cost could go up considerably.

Invisalign braces start at around thirty-five hundred dollars; depending on the factors listed above – the price for your Invisalign braces could be substantially more than that. A reasonable estimate to use as an average would probably be in the neighborhood of five to six thousand dollars or more assuming that you live in an average area of the country and have reasonably healthy teeth that only need realignment – but the total could easily exceed seven or eight thousand dollars in the worst case scenario. Invisalign braces can cost around twenty to fifty percent more than traditional braces, but because they are invisible, removable and more comfortable they are quickly becoming the most popular choice for teeth realignment.

Source by Amy Nutt

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