New Technologies in Orthodontic Care

October was National Orthodontics Month, and many enhancements and innovations that have taken place in the industry over the past several years were discussed and introduced to the public. Much more than just window-dressing, these are enhancements helping people of all ages enjoy better dental health. They allow for safer treatment, more accurate diagnoses and greater customer comfort.

The Latest in Orthodontic Care Technology

Invisible invisalign Braces

For years, there has been an unfair social stigma attached to wearing braces. From grade school taunts to strange looks in the office, traditional braces have never been kind to those who are sensitive about their appearance. The latest invisible invisalign braces take these concerns completely out of the picture. Now, people of all ages can enjoy the teeth-straightening benefits of braces…and nobody will even know they’re there!


With SureSmile braces, instead of bending the wires manually, the orthodontist uses an advanced, state-of-the-art 3-D imaging system and robotically customizes the archwires for your treatment.

It means that you’ll spend less time in braces and need fewer visits. There’s less pain and better quality results! The technology allows teeth to move directly into the right place, in precision that was never possible before!

Digital X-Ray Technology

The latest advances in orthodontic X-ray technology are important on a number of fronts. First, they provide higher-resolution images within the mouth – allowing the orthodontist to diagnosis and treat issues with greater accuracy. Also, digital X-rays can reduce the amount of radiation exposure to the patient (and the dental staff) by as much as 80%. This higher level of safety is making digital X-ray technology a “must-have” in practices around the country.

Titanium Wires

Wiring is an important part of many orthodontic procedures. But until recently, it was also one of the most uncomfortable elements of the process. Titanium wiring has changed all that in a big way. These long-lasting wires are much more comfortable for the user – and in many cases are also hypo-allergenic. How advanced are the latest in titanium wires? Many of the same wiring products used in orthodontist’s office were originally developed by NASA.

Early Treatment

Although it is not a technological advance, there has been a movement within the dental industry to begin evaluation much earlier in life – in many cases, right when the individual loses his or her baby teeth. Combining this attention with better technology allows the orthodontist to help the patient more effectively. Problems that would have once been quite serious are now being caught in the early stages (and therefore are much more treatable). An orthodontist who sees a young patient can minimize the effects of an abnormal growth pattern within the teeth and treat the issue accordingly – and even help dissuade the child from damaging thumb-sucking. These are just two of the many benefits of seeing patients when they are just a few years old.

From every Brooklyn orthodontist to Los Angeles dental office, there are exciting changes going on in this industry. An orthodontist’s ability to help her patients is now greater than ever – and thanks to Invisalign and SureSmile technology can be done more accurately, more comfortably and in a most cost-effective manner.

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