K9 Advantix Flea Killer

Are you searching for a product that will guarantee your four – legged friend is flea free?

Do you want to prevent your dog from bringing fleas into the house and infesting your home?

Have you tried numerous products that promise relief from flea infestation only to find they don’t work all the time?

Well Advantix K9 Flea Killer is guaranteed to be 100% effective in repelling and killing fleas.

How are they able to make that claim?

Tests have shown that the two active ingredients – imidacloprid + permethrin – working together – provide a double layer of effectiveness by affecting the parasite on contact. Fleas stop biting in the first 5 minutes. Combined the two proven ingredients kill fleas by shutting down their central nervous system. Each ingredient attacks different sites within the parasite nerve cell and overwhelms it – therefore providing relief to our furry friends.

Advantix K9 Flea Killer comes in 4 strengths – according to the size of your dog.

Each box holds 4 or 6 individual doses.

Each dose provides one full month of protection.

Keeping your dog safe from harm and discomfort is a primary concern for every owner and treating your pet with a product that offers a guarantee is the answer.

But you also want a product that is easy to use and convenient.

Advantix K9 Flea Killer comes in a premeasured dose and takes minutes to administer.

Have your dog in a standing position – part the fur between the shoulder blades and empty the vial onto the exposed skin. If you have a larger dog, over 20lbs, you should place the drops in 3 spots of equal distance apart, along the back.

Your dog will spread the dose around the skin with its natural movements.

Once the flea treatment has been absorbed into the skin it will be waterproof and provide protection after swimming and bathing.

With a simple procedure such as this, why wouldn’t you want to make sure your dog is going to be flea free and healthy?

Owners who fail to treat their dogs are leaving them open to discomfort and potentially nasty health issues but those who choose to treat with a proven effective method are going to be rewarded with a pet that will be around for a long time.

Dogs that suffer from Flea Allergic Dermatitis can become miserable and unpredictable. Any pet that is in distress can display uncharacteristic behavior. Flea Allergic Dermatitis is a condition that afflicts a number of dogs who are allergic to the saliva of the flea. It can cause patches of bare skin where the dog constantly gnaws at the irritated and inflamed area. Treating your dog with Advantix K9 Flea Killer assures your pet won’t suffer this debilitating condition.

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