It’s Complicated – Things That Can Go Wrong With Dental Implants

The high success rate of the dental implant procedure means that there has never been a better time to get the smile you have always wanted. Before embarking on this journey to straighter, more beautiful teeth it is important to be aware of any complications and the possibility of dental implant failure. This article will list 5 things that can go wrong with your dental implants.


Although rare, there is sometimes the risk that the implant does not integrate fully with the jaw. This can lead to the implants become loose and uncomfortable and in rare cases they can become loose and fall out. In the case where this complication manifests your dentist will usually remove the failed implant and allow the area to heal before trying to insert a new implant.


The placement of dental implants, in very extreme cases can cause damage to other areas of the mouth including the teeth, blood vessels in the gum and the sinuses. More commonly, but still not a regular occurrence, the procedure can cause infection in the gums and the soft tissue around the mouth.

Anaesthetic reaction

Another possible complication of the surgery is the patient experiencing an unexpected reaction to the anaesthetic. In this case your dentists will stop the procedure and find an alternative.

Prosthetic failure

In the vast majority of cases, there are no complications with the implant itself; however the dental prosthetic is susceptible to cracks and chips just like your real teeth. If you experience any breakage to your dental prosthetic due to an accident, the dentists can usually replace these very easily if there is no damage to the implant underneath.

Loss of sensation

There are nerves present in your jaw some of which provide the sensation to your lower teeth, tongue, chin and lower lip. In rare cases these nerves can become bruised during surgery and patients can experience a loss of feeling to some of these parts of their mouth. In most cases this will be temporary but in extreme cases the loss of feeling can be permanent.

Despite the risk of complications, the fitting of new dental implants remains a very successful procedure. Make sure you speak to your dentist about the risks involved with your procedure before you begin.

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