Invisalign Versus Braces

Invisalign is probably the best teeth straightening procedure in the dental field and many of the patients who would like to go in for teeth straightening are briefed about this procedure as the best option for treating their dental problems. However, the underlying question is what are the benefits of using Invisalign and why is it discussed as a better treatment procedure than the traditional treatment methodology with metal braces. If you are going in for Invisalign it is important to understand the pros and cons which will help you to decide why Invisalign will work better for you in the long run.

Invisalign is prepared from invisible, plastic aligner trays which are extremely smooth in their texture and they offer a rare degree of comfort to the patients. As Invisalign is removable, patients can enjoy their life in the normal way without having to deal with the tons of metals and wires in their mouth when they succumb to the treatment with metal braces. Although treatment with metal braces is definitely effective, yet it is quite painful and most of the patients do suffer from irritability, mouth ulcers and total discomfort when they are fitted with metal braces. Invisalign offers you more comfort in your daily life while working to give you the smile you have always desired. You are able to brush and floss easily, as you can take the appliance off easily, thereby making proper oral hygiene more achievable than traditional braces. Eating is much easier, as you can remove the appliance to eat, so there is no longer a worry about unsightly food traps. Also, they are virtually invisible and thus, you need not have to worry about anyone spotting you with these aligners although you do have the option of removing them if you are going for any special events. Doctors suggest that you should wear your Invisalign at least for 20 hours a day so that you can get the best results for the treatment method and that too at a faster rate.

There are several good periodontist in New York City. Dentists will ensure that all your doubts regarding Invisalign treatment is answered before you start your treatment. Choosing Invisalign as your teeth straightening process is definitely going to be painless and comfortable and you can have your dental problems solved without having to go through the discomfort associated with metal braces and veneers. Periodontist you’ll consult with, must have a specialized focus on the health of your gums while creating that perfect smile you may want. It is important to keep in mind that the bones and gums are the foundation of a healthy mouth and without the proper knowledge of tooth movement as related to the gums, sometimes traditional orthodontic treatment can actually cause more gum recession. An Expert Dentist makes sure that the health of the gums is improved and never jeopardized during orthodontic treatment.

Source by Dr Maryam Edalat

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