Invisalign Treatments and Their Effects On Your Habits

Invisalign treatments, for all the praises it received and popularity garnered, are not without their hindrances. Yes, the clear braces are virtually invisible. The teenager can go on his teenage life without being picked on for having wired teeth. The adult can go to work knowing that not a lot of people will notice he’s wearing fake teeth on top of his real one. While invisible braces tend to be more comfortable than the metal braces, there are a few habits that its wearer has to get used to.

For one, eating has to be scheduled. While invisible braces are removable, it is not a pleasant experience. It’s more of a hassle, really, and the longer you have it off the less it becomes effective. That being said, you will want to schedule your eating habits.

While you can carry on with your three-meal-a-day schedule, you’ll find that snacking in between meals is more of a bother. So if you have a habit of snacking, you either abandon it or have to deal with removing your clear aligner. For some, it’s an annoyance that they can live with until treatment time is over. For others, it’s a good way to diet and get back in shape.

Another habit that might be forced on you is brushing. If you rarely brush at all, you will want to. If you brush three times a day, you’ll have to consider bumping that number up to five. This is for two reasons. First is that you will want to have brushed your teeth before snapping on your aligners so any food morsels will not get stuck on your teeth and cause tooth decay.

Another reason is for keeping your breath fresh. Clear aligners tend to contribute to bad breath because of the drying of mouth so you’ll want to brush or gargle mouthwash regularly.

Finally, as the mouth tends to dry out due to the saliva getting caught up by your dental tray, water intake should be increased. If you are a heavy water-drinker, then this should be no problem. If you are not fond of liquid intake, however, you may want to change that habit else you end up with dry mouth and a stinky breath.

On your first few weeks with invisible braces, there are a lot of habits that you’ll need to change. After your first months, you should be able to get used to them. Just slug it out and you’ll have a straighter smile once everything’s done.

Source by Isabella D Johnson

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