Invisalign Offers The Modern Miracle Of Invisible Braces

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who is troubled by having a less-than-perfect smile, Invisalign is for you. This is quickly become the number one method for teeth straightening, and it can boast lots of happy people who are no longer afraid to show the world their smiles. Let’s take a look at what it is and how it works to get you the smile you’ve always wanted.

What’s Invisalign And How Does It Work?

Invisalign is a whole system designed to fix your teeth and your teeth only. It is a series of trays that are designed to straighten your teeth little by little. These trays are called “aligners” and they are changed every two weeks. The entire process takes about a year, but it depends on how much straightening needs to be done.

By using sophisticated computer imaging, dentists can construct the perfect aligner system for your teeth and guarantee the results you’re looking for. If you’ve ever worn metal braces, you know that it requires dentist visits every 6 weeks where they tighten the metal in a painful way. Invisalign is much easier.

Why Is Invisalign So Much Better Than Metal Braces?

The main benefit of Invisalign is that the braces are invisible. One of the reasons lots of people hesitate before fixing their teeth is that it causes social embarrassment to have a mouth full of metal. Correcting your teeth is something most people do when they’re kids or adolescents, so you don’t want to show the world. This treatment is nearly invisible; you’d have to be pretty close to see that somebody’s wearing them!

Another reason this treatment is so popular is the pain factor. Traditional braces hurt when the dentist adjusts them. When you go every two weeks to get your aligners straightened, there is no pain at all. It’s just a matter of your dentist taking out the old trays and putting in the new. You won’t even cringe!

And of course, everybody loves the treatment because it works to get the results you want. The computer imaging can show you exactly how your smile will look when the whole thing’s done.

Let’s Get The Ball Rolling!

Start by talking to your dentist. They’ll decide if you’re an ideal candidate or not (most folks are!). The next step is to take a mold of your teeth. It might be a little uncomfortable, but it’s not painful at all. They’ll send this mold to the laboratory where they’ll make your aligners. Your dentist will also show you the computer images which gradually show your teeth getting straighter.

The only downside is that not every dentist can perform the treatment. They have to be especially trained on how to provide this service. If they’re licensed to do it, they’re what is called a “preferred provider.” Ask yours if they fall under this category and if they don’t, look for a dental practitioner who does. Since this is the number one method for straightening teeth, it’s only gaining in popularity. This means it’s not too hard to find a Preferred Provider near you.

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